In Mumbai, after Onions, Tomato prices are skyrocketing in the city narrowing down the food budget of an ordinary Indian. As on Wednesday, tomato prices escalated to Rs 70 – 80 per kilo in retail markets.

Onions are already selling at Rs 50 per kilo in the retail market. The increased prices are expected to remain high till November 4. The reason behind the rise in prices is the irregularities on the supply side.

As most of the states that produce tomatoes were severely hit by the heavy rains which led to large scale crop loss.  On Tuesday one kilo tomato sold at an exorbitant price of Rs 70- 80 in local markets.

The issue of escalating prices of essential agricultural goods is likely to show impact on the Maharashtra assembly elections which is due on October 21.

Many traders blame excess unseasonal rainfall in large states like Maharashtra, Karnataka that produce more tomato, for short supply.

The prices are expected to reduce by 25% by the end of this month during Diwali festival.

Experts also speculate that the rates could have gone up due to excess demand during the festivities.

Similar increase in the prices of Onion recently resulted in the government banning onion exports to provide for domestic requirement.

Onions and Tomatoes are essentials in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in Indian cuisine. Increasing prices will cause severe stress on the poor people’s food budget.

“There is not much we can do. We either have to stop consuming them or go for alternative low cost dishes” rues Sandhya, a daily wage worker. It is at these times that people compromise on quality of foods and go for cheaper alternatives.


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