UN, Antonio Guterres, Emmanuel Macron, Amazon, Amazon Wildfire, France, BrazilThe United Nation’s Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday raised concerns as the Amazon rainforest continues to burn in an alarming rate.

The wildfire, which was reported last day, has consumed a major portion of the Amazon green cover spreading across Brazil.

NASA, the American space agency, released images from the space on Thursday which shows the nearby Brazilian cities engulfed in thick clouds of dark smoke.

Earlier last week, in another cry for attention towards global climate crisis, Greenland had installed a “letter to the future generations” at the point where its first extinct glacier ‘Ok’ was situated.

Guterres in his tweet cited that Earth is no longer capable of balancing out the damages caused by its human population. Amazon is the shield that protects the entire biodiversity and it has to protected at any cost, he added.

Brazilian cities like Sao Paulo are choked under thick smoke as the wildfire intensifies. The extend of damage is yet to be ascertained.

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron took to Twitter to set up an emergency agenda discussing the Amazon wildfire at the upcoming G-7 Summit at Biarritz. Amazon is our planet‘s lungs and it is burning. This is an international crisis, he added.

However, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro lashed out at Macron stating that calling for a dialogue without considering the presence of nations concerned with respect to the crisis is a colonial gimmick.


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