An American flight had to be diverted after a passenger reportedly refused to stop doing pull-ups using overhead bin.

American Airlines flight 2763 from from Phoenix to Boston was forced to land in Kansas City so that the authorities could escort the unruly passenger off the plane.

One of the eyewitnesses David Markoski told WBZ-TBV news channel that the man on the flight appeared to be intoxicated and was accompanied by a woman and two dogs.

As the man placed his bags in the overhead compartment he began leaning against and asking another passenger sarcastically if he was going to do pull-ups.

“The guy actually grabbed on to it and started doing some pull ups on the plane in front of everybody,” a fellow passenger said.

When a flight attendant tried to stop him, the passenger became verbally abusive.

As a result, pilots were forced to land at Kansas City and law enforcement officers boarded the place to deplane the passenger.


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