British MP Debbie Abrahams. (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

British MP Debbie Abrahams, who has been vocally critical of India’s move to withdraw Jammu and Kashmir’s special status, was denied entry despite a valid visa after she landed at Delhi airport and deported to Dubai from where she had flown into the Indian capital.

She was subsequently taken to a “deportee cell” and put on a plane to Dubai. On Monday, the Home Ministry had said that Debbie Abrahams was informed beforehand that her e-visa was being cancelled.

The government sources said on Tuesday that she was informed about the visa cancellation on February 14 itself.

Ms Abrahams, speaking to a news agency from Dubai, said the authorities there had taken her passport from her and demanded details of her social media accounts.

“I’m not in a happy place at all,” she said.

Foreign Office minister Lord Ahmad has spoken to the Indian High Commissioner in London about the situation.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are in contact with the Indian authorities and Lord Ahmad has spoken with the Indian High Commissioner to understand why Deborah Abrahams MP was denied entry to India.

“We provided consular assistance to her whilst she was in New Delhi Airport.”

Ms Abrahams said she had an e-visa valid until October 2020 but was “treated like a criminal” when she arrived in India.

The Oldham East and Saddleworth MP said: “Then he told me my visa was rejected, took my passport and disappeared for about 10 minutes.

“When he came back he was very rude and aggressive shouting at me to ‘come with me’.

“I told him not to speak to me like that and was then taken to a deportee cell.”

Debbie Abrahams believes her treatment was due to her interest in the Kashmir dispute, although she was visiting India to see members of her family and not for work.


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