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The deadly coronavirus has claimed more than 2,900 lives worldwide with maximum deaths in mainland China. There have been 85,000 global cases so far in every continent, except for Antarctica.

A man from Washington died after being affected by coronavirus on Friday, marking the first death in the United States. In a press briefing on Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence said, “I want to assure that family they are on the hearts of every American.”

The World Health Organization also acknowledged that the outbreak has reached the, “highest level of risk” for the world.

According to the latest reports, Hong-Kong has confirmed one more case that makes 95 people affected by the novel coronavirus around the city.

Brazil’s health ministry announced the country’s second confirmed case of the novel coronavirus on Saturday.

As many as thirty-five people have died from the new COVID-19 in mainland China in the past 24 hours, bringing the country’s death toll alone up to 2,870, the country’s National Health Commission informs.

The latest figures from the commission show that 41,625 people have recovered from the disease. Of the 35,329 who are currently being treated for pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, 7,365 are in grave condition.

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