Emirates, A380, Dubai, London, aircraft, clouds, grand entryEven airplanes get to make red-carpet entry, proves the Dubai-based airline Emirates with their latest video post on Twitter.

The clip uploaded on Tuesday shows an A-380 Emirates aircraft making a magnificent appearance out of a low-lying thick blanket of clouds before hitting the hard ground.

Emirates, clearly impressed by their own show, captioned the post, “Now that’s how you make a grand entry.” The swanky entrance takes one back to the magical Disney moments.

With around 200k views, 2,000 retweets, and over 6,000 likes as of 9:03 IST on Friday, the video has left the social media in exuberance. The Twitteratis have been calling the entry ‘magnificent‘, ‘grand’, and ‘majestic’.

The 10-second clip posted by the Emirates Airline’s official Twitter handle credits a person named Tom Jones for the footage.

As per reports, the dramatic show-stopper entrance in a classic pea-souper was made by a flight from Dubai in London Gatwick airport.


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