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Foreign Minister Jaishankar made a veiled remark at Pakistan (image: twitter)

Making a veiled remark against Pakistan, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Friday said that the story of entire neighbourhood — “minus one” — has been a good one for regional cooperation.

Jaishankar was speaking at the World Economic Forum in New Delhi where he said:

“The entire neighbourhood, minus one, had actually been a fairly good story of regional cooperation.”

Besides, the foreign minister spoke on a range of issues including Pakistan, Kashmir and trade war.

Speaking on nationalism in India, Jaishankar said India is an “exception” as the country is highly “nationalistic”. However, he said, any tension between being nationalist and being international was unlikely for India.

In matters of engaging more with the world, “nationalism is not a negative sentiment”, he added.

The foreign minister also highlighted India’s contributions across the world, saying that New Delhi is willing to engage more with nations on different issues.

He explained that as India is a market economy, as well as a “democratic and socially pluralistic country”, thus it is comfortable with the West. India is quite comfortable when it comes to “rebalancing with Asian countries”, he added.

Earlier, over Pakistan’s internationalising of Kashmir issue, Jaishankar had commented that the neighbouring nation will:

“paint apocalyptic scenarios because, one, that is their wish and, two, that’s actually what their game plan has been for 70 years”.


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