The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wins the Nobel Peace Prize 2019 for his outstanding contribution towards peace in the African continent by ending the 20 years of conflict with neighboring Eritrea.

The jury said that Abiy was honored for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea.

The 43 year old Abiy Ahmed became the Prime Minister of Ethiopia in April 2018. Since then he has been pursuing various policies and programs to resolve the border conflicts with the neighboring and reshape the dynamics in the eastern part of African continent.

In just six months after swearing-in as the Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed made peace deal with rival Eritrea by releasing the dissidents who were arrested. The peace deal with Eritrea ended a 20 year long stalemate between the two countries that were indulged in border conflict since 1998-2000.

He even acknowledged and apologized for the brutality of the state towards them. Abiy Ahmed took a very bold move by welcoming the back all the exiled armed groups who were branded as terrorists by his predecessors.

Abiy Ahmed also brought a slew of socio-economic reforms in Ethiopia to improve the standards of living among the citizens. He even encouraged appointment of women at senior positions contributing to political empowerment of women.

On receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Abiy Ahmed said “I am so humbled and thrilled, thank you very much. It is a prize given to Africa, given to Ethiopia and I can imagine how the rest of Africa’s leaders will take it positively to work on peace-building process in our continent.”


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