Hong Kong: China warns protesters “attempts to play with fire will only backfire”
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Protests have gripped Hong Kong relentless since June with no go-away visible in the near future.

Citywide fresh protests erupted on Monday, with 2,300 airport workers, civil servants, teachers, lifeguards and finance workers went on strike bringing life to a standstill in the region.

On Tuesday, China issued a strong warning to protesters that they should not underestimate “the immense strength of the central government”.

China further said that their attempts to play with fire will only backfire.

At least 100 flights were cancelled in the morning, as pro-democracy protesters kick off a city-wide strike on Monday.

The airport authorities reportedly warned passengers of potential disruption and said passengers should check their flight status before leaving.

During demonstrations on Saturday, a protester threw the national flag of China into the sea after removing it from near a building.

As per reports, the informer would be rewarded after the protester behind the incident is arrested and convicted by the court.

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam at a press conference on Monday also warned the protesters.

 She said that the violent protests have pushed Hong Kong to the verge “of a very dangerous situation.”

“The violent protest actions have pushed Hong Kong to a very dangerous situation. The violence and destructive acts have escalated, including blocking the tunnel, MTR, and surrounding police stations.

“Some extreme violent protesters even threw bricks, threw petrol bombs and made bombs,” she was quoted as saying.

“Hong Kong is a free society — freedom is our core value. Some violent protesters used violence to express their views. Some extreme violent protesters have changed the nature of the protest, including defacing the anthem and throwing flags into the river,” she added.

The residents are protesting since last June this year against a proposed bill that would allow China to extradite people to be tried in China.

Last month protesters rammed into state legislative building, taking control of it. Later, it was crushed after violent clashes with the riot control and local police.

The Extradition Bill, now suspended, authorises the Chinese government to extradite Hong Kong criminals and conduct their trial in China. But the protestors are demanding its complete withdrawal.

The protestors allege that change in the law will mean critics of China will be extradited from Hong Kong to face justice in mainland China’s courts.


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