Fresh Violence erupts in Hong Kong; demonstrators march towards mainland China
The demonstrators marching in Hong Kong (Image: Twitter)

Fresh incidents of violence erupted in Hong Kong on Sunday, a week after the demonstrators stormed into the parliament building leading to widespread violence.

With the same anger and spirit of resistance, thousands of protestors marched towards areas near mainland China, in a bid to inform the Chinese residents about their struggle and protests over controversial extradition bill on Sunday.

The Extradition Bill, now suspended, authorises the Chinese government to extradite Hong Kong criminals and conduct their trial in China. But the protestors are demanding its complete withdrawal.

The protestors allege that change in the law will mean critics of China will be extradited from Hong Kong to face justice in mainland China’s courts.

Earlier in the day, the protesters, who used umbrellas as an object of resistance and police in riot gear were locked in a stand-off.

The protestors held up placards “Free Hong Kong” and umbrellas calling for universal suffrage. Several waved the British union flag and few others blue flags with “Hong Kong Independence” written on them.

The peaceful protests, which started late night turned violent as the local police advanced towards the march from both side, which eventually trapped the protesters.

As it turned dark, the breakaway faction of the march faced-off with police and pro-government people and officials said that six protesters were arrested.

The march on Sunday was the first to follow the vandalising of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council by protesters on the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China.

Marking the 22nd handover anniversary from the UK to China on July 1, scores of pro-democracy demonstrators marched in the city peacefully that soon witnessed dozens of them breaking through the glass of the building last week.

Few protesters spray-painted messages on the walls and occupied the central legislative chamber. The protesters repeatedly rammed a cargo cart and large poles into the glass panel.

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Remember, Britain that earlier ruled Hong Kong, handed over it to China on July 1, 1999, under the negotiated “One Country, Two Systems”.

But over the past decade and especially since the Umbrella Movement five years ago, where thousands occupied the streets of central Hong Kong for 79 days in peaceful protest for democracy, such protests are now frequent in Hong Kong.


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