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Courtesy: YahooNews

As Hong Kong’s anti-government protest against the controversial Extradition Bill escalates to a new high, Beijing’s Hong Kong Policy Office will address the matter on Monday. The first briefing of the news conference is expected at 3 p.m. local time.

The response from Chinese capital comes in the wake of Police-Demonstrators clash through out downtown as the unrest reaches its eight week. On Sunday, in an attempt to quell the leaderless movement, the police deployed tear gas and rubber bullets at the demonstrators. The protesters marching east came under attack close to Central government’s liaison office.

Earlier last week, the protesters had vandalised various government buildings and painted the national emblem. These activities have been drawing flak from Beijing sparking military tensions. The main office buildings area in the centre of the city is fortified with barricades.

With the protest reaching a fever pitch, the commerce has taken a toll in the semi-autonomous city. According to official reports, a decline in the small and medium scale businesses. The property market is also facing a negative trend on China slowdown. The foreign investors have raised a concern that Hong Kong is pirouetting towards becoming a less safe place for commerce.

This unrest is one of the most crucial political crisis since 1977. Millions of demonstrators took to the city’s legislature on July 1 to voice up against the extradition bill. The now-suspended bill allowed the city to send criminal suspects to Chinese mainland to face trial under the authoritarian regime.


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