Hong Kong, Airport, flights, china, IndiaAs the Hong Kong protest escalates, Indian government issued a travel advisory to its citizens on Tuesday. Various airlines like Indigo and SpiceJet followed the suit.

The directive comes a day after flight operations where disrupted at the Hong Kong International Airport after demonstrators swarmed the place.

The statement released by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on August 13 advises Indian citizens flying to, from or through Hong Kong to stay updated regarding the flight schedules. Passengers are asked to keep in touch with their respective airlines regarding the matter, it said.

Also, in case of emergency, a helpline number has been set up for assistance.

On August 12, the Hong Kong International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, was forced to suspend hundreds of flights after pro-democracy demonstrators stormed the arrival halls at the terminal.

The roads leading to the airport were packed, disrupting the traffic flow as well, said airport authorities. However, the sit-in demonstration remained peaceful, they added.

Nevertheless, the airport was reopened on Tuesday after the protesters started to loosen their hold. Scores of flights still remain suspended. The airport authorities have confirmed that rescheduling operations are underway.

Reports suggest that over 310 flights will remain cancelled for the day.

The air transport hub standstill suggests a negative impact on the future travel and tourism business in the city, Hong Kong based experts explained.

Since past two months, citizens of Hong Kong have taken to streets protesting against the controversial extradition bill by the Centre. The political crisis have now escalated to a massive demonstration demanding democratic reforms and administrative revamping.


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