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The novel coronavirus is affecting around 197 countries and territories around the world and has a relentless rise in the infected cases on a regular basis. More than 422,000 people have contracted the novel coronavirus and at least 18,907 people have died.
The death toll in hard-hit Italy from the coronavirus pandemic rose by 743 in one day to reach 6,820. The total number of positive cases in Italy crossed 69,000.
Terrence McNally, a revered American playwright, librettist and screenwriter whose long career earned him four Tony awards and an Emmy, died following coronavirus complications. He was 81 years old. The USA is nearing to 55,000 positive cases of the virus and has reported 752 fatalities so far.
Spain’s armed forces asked NATO for humanitarian assistance to fight the novel coronavirus as the national death toll touched 2,900 and infections crossed 42,000.
Some 800 Australian passengers on board the Vasco de Gama cruise ship, which is due to dock in the western Australian port of Fremantle on Friday, will be taken to Rottnest Island for quarantine. Australia has reported a total of 2,317 with 8 fatalities.
Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Thailand increased to 934 on Wednesday, a day before a state of emergency was declared in the country.
However, China recorded 47 new cases reaching a total of 81,218 in the mainland, Iran hass recorded 24,811 cases, resulting in 1,934 deaths, Germany has confirmed 32,991 infections, resulting in 159 deaths and France has reported a total of 22,304 cases, resulting in 1,100 deaths.


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