Mars Rover
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As scientists clamber to find anything remotely close to life on Mars, Ohio University Professor Emeritus William Romoser’s research Romoser has claimed that photos taken by NASA’s Mars rovers provide evidence of extra-terrestrial life on the red planet.

Prof. Romoser has specialized in arbovirology and general/medical entomology. He spent years studying about Mars and understanding the red planet through photographs, which are available on the internet.

Prof. Romoser found multiple examples of insect-like forms, structured similarly to bees, as well as reptile-like forms, both as fossils and living creatures.

On November 19, at the national meeting of the Entomological Society of America in St. Louis, Missouri, Prof. Romoser presented his findings.

Criteria used in Romoser’s research included: Dramatic departure from the surroundings, clarity of form, body symmetry, segmentation of body parts, repeating form, skeletal remains, and observation of forms in close proximity to one another.

“Numerous photos show images where arthropod body segments, along with legs, antennae and wings, can be picked out from the surrounding area,” Romoser said.

Romoser said that while the Martian rovers, particularly the Curiosity Rover, have been looking for indicators of organic activity, there are a number of photos which clearly depict the insect- and reptile-like forms.

In reference to the findings found and presented by Prof. Romoser, Nasa said they have no scientific data that would support his claim.


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