Have you ever been to a party and loved the food so much that you wanted to sneak some out while leaving? Well, you’re not alone. At a lunch hosted by Meghan Markle to celebrate the launch of her first charity project, a cookbook, her husband Prince Harry was caught red-handed sneaking out some snacks.

A video is going viral on the internet in which Prince Harry is spotted slipping away some snacks by hiding them in between napkins.

Shutterbugs caught the Prince hiding something in between napkins, while cheekily checking his surroundings. Just when he realized his act was caught on camera, he couldn’t stop grinning ? leaving everyone in splits.

At a special event at Kensington Palace, the duchess threw open the palace gardens to welcome women from the Hubb Community Kitchen.

When the time arrived for a group photo, the prince decided to secure some delicious snacks just for himself. And apparently, those were samosas!


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