The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday that the women can be allowed to serve in the higher ranks of the armed forces. Women in Saudi Arabia can now serve as private first class, corporal or sergeant.

The move is aimed at increasing the rights of women in the kingdom. Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry wrote on twitter saying “another step to empowerment.”

Last year the country authorized women to join its armed forces. Under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman popularly known as MBS, the Islamic country has been taking up many socio economic reforms lately.

At the same time there are allegations against the regime that they have been harassing and arresting the activists fighting for women’s rights.

The Kingdom also allowed women to drive by themselves and travel abroad without consent from a male guardian which was not allowed for long.

With the ongoing gradual reforms, Saudi Arabia, which is largest crude oil exporter, is trying to improve its image as a tourist destination. Experts believe that the country is looking to diversify its revenue and not entirely depend on oil.


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