The Saudi teenager who was stopped at the Bangkok airport last week in an attempt to escape her family who had tortured her for denouncing Islam has been finally granted Asylum by the Canadian Government, reported  The New York Times.

The announcement regarding the same was made by Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Tradeau on Friday when the victim was already enroute, this is what the Prime Minister said while making the announcement, “Canada has been unequivocal that we’ll stand up for human rights and women’s rights around the world,” Trudeau said. “When the United Nations made a request of us that we grant al-Qunun’s asylum, we accepted.”

18 year old, Rahaf Mohammed smiled at the cameras and was wearing a grey sweatshirt with the word Canada written over it. Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland did all the interaction on the victim’s behalf.

She was called a “very brave new Canadian,” by the Prime Minister

“Where we can save a single person, where we can save a single woman, that is a good thing to do,” said Freeland, “And I’d like to also emphasize, this is part of a broader Canadian policy of supporting women and girls in Canada and around the world”, he added.

She described her life in an interview with The New York Times who lived in northern Saudi Arabia. She narrated how once she had locked herself in a room for six months because she had cut her hair and her family had beaten her for that particularly her brother.

She decided to escape, when her family chose not to seek help for her after her failed suicide attempt. She got that chance when she was in Kuwait on a family holiday.

Her passport was confiscated at Bangkok last week and the Thai government threatened that she returns back to her family.

So she decided to barricade herself at a Thai airport hotel and opened a Twitter account and narrated the whole incident on social media.

After Thai officials relented, and the United Nations declared her a refugee, the Canadian government agreed to grant her asylum. 


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