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A few days back, the shoppers at a Costco outlet in Santa Cruz, California were pleasantly surprised on a normal day by a flash mob. 
Members of a group called ‘Around The World In 80 Dances,’ broke into steps when the peppy Bollywood song “London Thumakda” from the Kangana Ranaut starrer movie Queen started playing.
People shopping at the mall also joined the mob in enjoying the beats and moves. 
The group in its post explained how the idea of this particular flash mob gave birth. “The motive was to fulfill a wish of someone who was celebrating being one-year Leukemia free, a mother and friend who loves all things Bollywood. So we started organising to surprise her and celebrate anyone who has beaten Leukemia or cancer. As the song was so great, the group just grew and grew like wildfire, people who just wanted to join in the dance! We wanted to make it very inclusive of all who wanted to be involved, didn’t have to be pro dancers. Less of a performance and more of a pop-up celebration, to spread light and joy. And Costco was very accommodating and helpful,” read the description.
The group shared the video on YouTube on February 4. With a motive so pure, the video has gained more than 3 lakh viewership and a truckload of appreciation from the people whose heart the video successfully moved. 

“It was a simple idea to fulfil a wish and create light after a lot of dark… spread into contagious joy for a warehouse full of shoppers!” they said.
The club says that it aims to ‘explore the world and bridge cultures through dance.’


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