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Over 30 students from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana who were not detained or served notices by the US authorities in the “pay-and-stay” scam have returned from the United States. 

According to the Telugu organisations working closely with these students, had asked them to return home as it was the safest option.
Around 130 foreign students were detained last week for violating immigration laws by enrolling into a fake university floated by the US authorities to expose the immigration racket.
Under the sting operation conducted by U.S. Homeland Security, around 600 foreign students had conducted visa fraud. Ninety per cent of those enrolled themselves with a fake University of Farmington were Indians and more than 80 per cent of these students were from the two Telugu states.

The 129 Indian students among the arrested 130 belong to the Telugu states and are kept under administrative detention at different places.

Buchiram Kalapatapu, chief coordinator, Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Telugu (APNRT) Society, said that there should be no problem for the students returning home in finding suitable job opportunities in India. They had already done MS from other universities and subsequently availed Optional Practical Training (OPT), a one-year work permit.

“To stay in the US and work, they took admission in this university for another MS as it lured the students with the offer that they need not attend the classes,” said Buchiram.

Most of the students had taken bank loans for the studies in the U.S. and to pay back the same, these students opted to stay back. Around $20,000 to $25,000 were paid by each student to enrol in the fake University of Farmington. 
The university had recruited students in 26 states across the US.


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