Wiki leaks founder Julian Assange who has been holed up in Ecuador’s embassy on Ecuadorian citizenship in London was arrested to face charges against him on Thursday.

The Ecuador government scrapped the citizenship grated to the wiki leaks founder and evicted him from the embassy clearing the way for British police to arrest him. London Police said they arrested Assange entering the embassy after being “invited into the embassy by the ambassador following the government’s withdrawal of asylum.”

He was charged in United States for conspiring to hack into pentagon computer network in 2010. A long running criminal investigation was underway for the publication of various classified reports of American military about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and numerous diplomatic communications by Wiki leaks.

The 47-year-old Wiki leaks founder has been staying in the embassy since 2012 to avoid extradition. Videos posted online show a frail looking Julian Assange with white hair and beard coming out of the embassy.

Wiki leaks claimed the act of Ecuadorian government violates the international laws. Relations of Assange with Ecuador allegedly strained when the former published reports on personal life of the Ecuador President Lenon Moreno.

The 1951 Refugee Convention is a United Nations multilateral treaty that defines refugee and the rights of individuals granted asylum and responsibilities of nations that grant asylum. The Universal declaration of Human Rights also mentions “every individual has the right to seek asylum from persecution.”

However, Moreno in a video post on Twitter said “In line with our strong commitment to human rights and international law, I requested Great Britain to guarantee that Mr Assange would not be extradited to a country where he could face torture or death penalty. The British government has confirmed it in writing, in accordance with its own rules.”


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